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Hi, welcome to the Puzzle Orbs testing family

Puzzle Orbs is a thought inducing puzzle game where you try to fill different arrangements of your board full of colorful elemental orbs! While the game starts off easy, it becomes very hard to master as multiple mechanics are added to test the wit of the player! With hundreds of levels in the classical variant to play from, there is no shortage of fun, handcrafted content! When you think you are prepared, dive into the infinite challenge game mode, and solve puzzles in increasing difficulty within a certain time frame! Your score will be logged and you can compete on the global leaderboards with your friends, and fellow gamers! The objective is simple: Fill the empty orbs on each level with elemental orbs, you win if all of the orbs can be filled! The elemental orbs unfold like a piece of paper, or flip like a book, and a valid move can only happen if all of the destination orbs are empty! The classical mode has puzzles divided into themed Stages, allowing you to slowly learn new mechanics, and challenge yourself with refreshing new content as you progress! Play and earn gems as you clear the hundreds of levels, and use them to upgrade your skills for the challenging infinite mode, or remove ads, all without paying real money at all! Gain achievements as you play, and rank at the top of the global leaderboard to show you are a master of logic puzzles! Constant updates will be added to the game, increasing the amount of classical levels over time, as well as adding new mechanics, skins, and other features!

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